Everyone is creative in his own way... for some it may be expressed via music, dance, poetry, photography, painting, healing, teaching, writing, business management (yes, I believe there is an art to everything), anything related to living more harmoniously and fully and inspiring others to do so.  It amazes me that some people actually believe they have "no talent" or "no imagination."
If you are alive you have some kind of talent - probably even multi-talents.  It's just a matter of exploring yourself and indulging in your own creativity.  

All my life I have been opposed to the concept of competition... I am the least competitive person I know... I believe we should excavate these talents and water them like plants ... not compete with each other but nurture and encourage each other... because, after all, if someone else creates a beautiful work of art doesn't that improve the world and make it better for everyone in some way?



These are 2 sweatshirts I painted for relatives


[IMAGE]        [IMAGE]

These are guitar straps I painted for friends



A pair of canvas sneakers I painted for myself



sobe and rina


with dragon sweatshirt  i painted for my friend melissa's baby raphael










Guitar I painted for Julzz



dragon guitar strap i painted for julz (outline)


... with metallic glow-in-the-dark color







Shirts I painted for Julian and Pam's anniversary






Book bag I painted for my cousin Rachel


Book bag for Pam

Spider's butterfly flash show with Quentin Crisp



Dragonfly Tattoo



To view individual images: Ashes and Snow




 My friend Al's cat Spooky



ascii chewy by jason van anden

creator of the smile project




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