Our Vegan Table


Sean Casey Animal Rescue's Howl-o-ween

Block Party

Oct 31, 2009

We did another vegan table, much like our last one, at Sean's Halloween event.

It was great fun!

My son Julian, his girlfriend Pam, and several friends, including nutritionist Nancy Sands, her daughter Brie, and Cynthia King of the Cynthia King Dance Studio in Windsor Terrace, and only maker of exclusively Vegan Ballet Slippers   in the world! 

We had two large tables, one for literature and one for delicious vegan food from the V-Spot Cafe, my favorite vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, and the one who catered our hospital event, as well as our last Sean Casey vegan table!

The literature table had tons of great pamphlets from various organizations, including Farm Sanctuary's Life Behind Bars, Veg for Life Guide to Veg Living, and other pamphlets,  Friends of Animals' Vegan Guides,  PCRM's Veg starter Kits, Pamela Rice's "101 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian," and PETA's Vegetarian Starter Kits, and lots more, including:

How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater Handouts from Earthsave

Excerpts from the China Study

Summary of UN report "Livestock's Long Shadow"

We also gave out incredible audio CD's by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, of Compassionate Cooks!


We had six large trays of food from the V-Spot, with dishes to appeal to even the hardest-core carnivore:  Mock Chicken Nuggets,  Buffalo "Wings," Empanadas, and an amazing Quinoa, Kale, Peppers, and Chick Pea Dish!

Many people confided in us that they were ecstatic to see a vegan table at this event.

Here are some photos of our event (please click on thumbnails for larger pictures):


Pam and Brie serving    Pam discussing going veg    Enjoying the food!    Food going fast!    Crowd    Pigeon People Al and Gila Streit

Cynthia King Go Vegan Dance    Teach the children!    Educating!    Enjoying vegan food!    Girl with Bearded Dragon friend

Putting a smile on peoples' faces!    FIDO president Tony Chiapelloni    Firefighter checking out our table!    Food!        Happy Chicken at our Vegan Table!

Happy Chicken checking out our vegan literature!    Reading    Lady Liberty trying the food    Literature and food tables     Literature Galore!

Loving the food!    Reading the literature    Nancy and Brie serving the food    Only a little left    Cynthia King!    Winding down ...

The band            Tony, President of FIDO, enjoying the food!   


        Costume contest    Rina petting a friend    Adoption van

                Rina and Cynthia    Rina Deych and Cynthia King

Stella and friend        The Real Happy Meal!    This guy is a vegan!  Yay!    FIDO president Tony loves the food!

Sauces!    Winding down

Watch Cynthia King do the "Go Vegan" Dance on YouTube:


Coverage on News12 Brooklyn:

'09 Howlloween on News12


For information on Going Veg, see links above or request a FREE veg starter kit here:   TryVeg.com