Sobe is the most amazing creature I have ever met.

I adopted him in 1999.

He was only 13" long when he was found on the streets of Brooklyn.  I knew nothing about iguanas when I first met him.  Thanx  to Robert Shapiro (reptile rescuer) and Melissa Kaplan (iguana expert) I learned the basics in a nutshell so I could properly care for him.

JC watching Sobe climb the Dan Electro (his favorite guitar)



My boyfriend, Philip, built him a gorgeous, multi-level 8'x8'x4' wood frame plexiglass enclosure.


When I'm home he free-roams the house, socializing with all the other animals...


Sobe and Johann


Raggy and Sobe


Sobe closes his eyes when I kiss him...


Adoptive brothers



Sobe with his stuffed froggies


Climbing a branch in his enclosure


Philip with shirt I painted, inspired by Sobe 


Cato and Sobe



Sobe and Baki


My Angel Sleeping



Mommy and Sobe - sepia'ed by Elisabeth