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Of all the creatures, man is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he's the one that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.

Mark Twain


Rina aka "Brooklyn" (third from left)

The human species is in its larval stage of development. We have a lot of evolving to do. I believe there are positive and creative ways to satisfy our bloodlust without hurting anyone. I am a vegan / environmentalist / artist / healer. I satiate my craving for the macabre by dressing up like a vampire/nurse on Halloween. Let us nurture the compassion in our fellow humans and realize our connection with other creatures. We can help each other find healthy outlets for our frustrations and rage through art, music, fantasy. I would like to think there is hope for us to metamorphosize into spiritually mature creatures.



Me and the Love of my life, Sobe!



Karen Davis, of United Poultry Concerns and several others have formed a coalition of concerned groups and individuals to encourage the use of money, instead of chickens, in the ritual of Kaporos (also spelled Kapparot and Kappores). For information on the practice and why we oppose it,  please see our web site:  The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos


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Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, amazing Breslov Chassidic Rabbi, wrote a fabulous book about the custom of Kaporos/Kapparot:  Kapporos Then and Now


As a registered nurse, environmentalist, and humanitarian, I am concerned about the alarming rate at which global warming has been progressing. 
Each one of us must do our part to minimize pollution.  That includes using environmentally friendly hybrid cars, conserving energy and water, recycling, and, maybe MOST importantly, switching to a plant-based diet.   A recent 400-page UN report entitled "Livestock's Long Shadow" cited animal agriculture as a major contributor to pollution (and, subsequently, global warming). 

Please read this excellent article by Dan Brook and Richard Schwartz:

Global Warming Isn't Kosher

Let's take some responsibility as individuals and stop expecting someone else to do something about the problem.
Vegetarian/Vegan diets are better for human health, the planet, and, certainly, for the animals...  Rina Deych,RN




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National Animal Rights Day ( 2010 to present) - Now Worldwide: 




Groundbreaking Documentary

by Lionel Friedberg and Richard Schwartz



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In-Vitro Meat

I don't think, in a climate of paranoia about Mad Cow and Avian Flu, it's any accident that in-vitro meat has been in the news recently.

Using this technology, a pure product minus hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and pesticide residues would be created.  In addition, since it would be produced in a completely controlled environment, there would be no Mad Cow, Avian Flu, Salmonella, E-Coli, and other flesh-borne diseases in the meat. 

Read my essay describing the technology and why we should support it:

How One Vegan Views In-Vitro Meat   

(With links to latest articles on the subject, updated 3/1/09)

Reflections on Rosh Hashana :  Click Here

For essential videos regarding animal cruelty, please see PETA's exposÚs :   Click Here


Excellent Book:  VEGAN  The New Ethics of Eating:   Available on Amazon 




Dick Gregory Speaks Out Against KFC

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Dick Gregory Takes on KFC



Updated 12/27/04

  Click here to read AgriProcessors story:  ExposÚ


Atrocities at Slaughterhouse


There is no excuse for this.
Please join Farm Sanctuary in their ongoing campaign to eliminate veal from the menus of restaurants.   It is imperative that we convey to the public the strong connection between a mother cow and her calf, and how the veal industry shatters that bond each and every day.
 For more information, please e-mail campaign@farmsanctuary.org or call 607-583-2225 ext. 227 or log onto www.noveal.org.

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Factory Farming:  Facts

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Cynthia King of CK Dance Studio, creator of vegan ballet slippers


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"Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds theirs.  We live by the death of others:  we are burial places!  I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."     Leonardo da Vinci  (1452 - 1519)



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