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  This is the angel dog who honored me with his companionship for almost 10 years.  His name is Raggy. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for having crossed paths with him and for being so fortunate to share even this little bit of time with him.



This is my son Julian (at age 12) jamming with the Paul Oscher Blues Band.These days he mainly plays metal and melodic rock, but will play blues and gypsy swing with me if I beg.

For fear of becoming dogmatic and indoctrinating (as opposed to educating) Julian,
I had exposed him to meat eating and to the creationist view point (I'd sent him to Yeshiva for the first 6 grades) so he could come to his own conclusions...
He has become - by his own choice - a vegetarian and an atheist...
One week we were having a particularly bad week moneywise... and I had sent Jules to the bank to cash in some rolls of change we had put together from our piggy bank...
When he got home I asked him how much he'd gotten... he said "well, $12, but I gave this guy outside $2 because he really needed it"...
Bad as our situation was, he recognized that this guy's was even worse... it was a knee-jerk reaction for him...
At that moment I knew I had done something right...
I am proud that he is blossoming into this kind, compassionate, empathic human being.




Julzz and Pam (his girlfriend)


Julzz photographed by Pam



Julzz by Pam 7/4/05







Julzz by Pam 11/26/04



I have four half sisters -three in England and one in Spain.

Naomi ("Nuria") and Vicki both teach dance.

dance class

My sister Naomi ("Nuria") has a dancing school in London.   Here is a link to her site:
La Escuela de Baile Flamenco



 Vicki ( here with daughter Marivicki) lives and teaches dance in Spain




 Sobe and Dori



rina and jc 9/16/99




April, Rina, Spider, and Clayton



Left to right, Quentin Crisp (Dec.1908-Nov.1999), Spider Webb, and "Brooklyn" (me) at Quentin's 90th (his final) birthday party


Cleo and Sobe



... Mirror, Mirror on the wall...



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