NYC Carriage Horses

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"On January 2, 2006, a horse pulling a hansom cab in Manhattan got spooked and bolted down 9th Avenue, galloping for several blocks before smashing into a station wagon at 50th Street. The horse was badly injured, wrapped around the car, with his rear legs on top of it and his head on the ground. He was later euthanized. He was five years old and had only been working in the city for a few months. His name was Spotty. The driver was critically injured and was taken to the hospital along with the two passengers of the station wagon."

The carriage horse industry in NYC is an abomination.  These horses, many of whom have already provided a prior lifetime of service to man, are forced to carry heavy loads in all extreme weather conditions (with very minimal restrictions) in the midst of heavy and merciless NYC traffic.  These animals are horribly neglected, abused, and overworked at the hands of inexperienced (and, more often than not, unsympathetic) handlers.  After a second lifetime of work for man, if they do not drop dead of disease or exhaustion, they are rewarded by retirement to the slaughterhouse, where they are brutally killed.
In the 1980's I worked with the Carriage Horse Action Committee, headed by Peggy Parker,  to attempt to improve conditions for the horses and ban them outside of Central Park.  Mayor Koch sabotaged our efforts at the time.  Now, many accidents (and much human and animal suffering) later, we have a repeat performance by Mayor Bloomberg.  Last week, after hearing pleas from activists to ban the industry (following the most recent accident in which the driver ended up in a coma and the horse had to be removed from the scene to be killed after breaking a leg and ending up on the roof of a car),  he commented that the carriage horses are here to stay and that they are usually treated "well".  He stated "...yeah, they work for a living just like you and me." One little detail the mayor omitted is that we CHOOSE our jobs and if we have an abusive boss we can QUIT.  The horses have no choice.
The mayor is afraid that if we abolish this industry, the city will lose revenue.    London, Paris, and Toronto have done so and they are still thriving. 
The mayor is turning a deaf ear to New Yorkers.   We need outsiders, tourists,  to prove that the presence of carriage horses in NYC is a DETERRENT, not an attraction to the city.  Please sign the petition (below) to ban the carriage horse industry in NYC.  And please, write to our unreasonable mayor and demand that these horses be taken off the streets and adopted to loving homes where they can have a dignified and peaceful retirement. 

Sign Petition: Carriage Horse Petition

Contact Mayor:  Mike Bloomberg

Thank you in advance for your action!


 Rina Deych